Buttons and Rivets

Goodness, the Jeans extend (well, my “muslin” at any rate) is practically total!

Today we’ll take a gander at getting the buttons and bolts introduced.

At an early stage while making the jeans, I chose to avoid the example guidelines to bartack the pocket openings, for bolts – to attempt to look more like the “well known creator” jeans we’re all acquainted with. Also, introducing the bolts is something new to learn.

Instructional exercises

I discovered some astounding instructional exercises on the web to enable me to introduce my bolts.

BrianSews! has a three-section YouTube video instructional exercise which demonstrates to introduce the bolts too the “tack catch” which shuts the belt.

TaylorTailor additionally has a decent bolts instructional exercise. jeans tack buttons  Make certain to look at the remarks in this article for more tips and investigating recommendations. It’s significant Taylor runs a little supply shop from his site that offers supplies for jeans making, including proficient quality bolts.


In light of the proposal in the BrianSews video, I requested a group of copper bolts and coordinating tack buttons from Grommet Store.

My neighborhood texture store had a few bolts available, yet I didn’t care for the style a mess.

The Seat Square

Keeping in mind the end goal to pound in the bolts effectively, you require a smooth metal surface to back the bolts. Brian’s video recommended purchasing a “seat piece”, which is a 4 x 4 x 1/2 inch square of smooth steel. Evidently it’s utilized regularly in adornments making.

Amazon has these pieces accessible, yet I was eager and would not like to hold up until after fourth of July end of the week so as to complete my jeans. So I began calling around town. About all the adornments, beading and side interest shops were shut for the occasion end of the week.

Taylor’s instructional exercise just utilized a level bit of steel instead of the endorsed seat piece. What’s more, I additionally expected to purchase a fitting mallet. So I took a visit to Center Equipment, a store around three pieces from my home that is frequented by proficient manufacturers. I knew I could get a mallet, and perhaps some bit of steel that would work.

I depicted my undertaking to the pleasant lady at the counter, and proposed possibly they had something like a smooth steel square I could utilize? “I don’t have something like it, I have it”, she answered, at that point quickly took me to a rack which had a genuine seat square!

The square seems to have been sitting in the store for quite a long time, if not decades.

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