Contract Manufacturing

Private Label (Contract Manufacturing) Services

Birmingham Chocolate gives little clump, hand-made Private Label administrations (i.e., co-producing, contract fabricating):

Utilize our current item formulas, fixings and bundling with your marking.

Fuse an exceptional fixing into our current item formulas and bundling with your marking.

Alter a one of a kind private label chocolate manufacturers item formula with our current bundling and your marking.

Rapidly “construct your own” ban from our accessible determination of fixings.

Redo the item look (e.g., build up an extraordinary/marked form).

Modify/mark the bundling.

First time occasion arrange due dates are a month and a half before conveyance.

Drop transport year-around to retail clients or conveyance focuses.

Requests might be submitted straightforwardly from your records or midway through you.

We can receipt accounts straightforwardly or midway through you.

Advantages of co-producing with Birmingham Chocolate:

Low least request amounts.

Exceptionally individual relationship – we cooperate on your venture.

Facilitate outline and creation of your custom bundling.

Research, create and test new item formulas and source the fixings.

Quicken your speed to advertise.

Limit capital venture while testing the market.

Bolster make of items whose volumes don’t legitimize self-make.

Bolster progress to self-produce at the proper time.

Our chocolates and fixings are on the whole normal with no additional additives, sweeteners or shading.

Our office is fit certifed by Kosher Michigan.

We have items/fixings that are USDA Organic affirmed by OEFFA.

We have Fair Trade CertifiedTM items/fixings by Fair Trade USA.

We can encourage USDA Organic accreditation for your item or potentially bundling.

We can encourage Fair Trade USA accreditation for your item or potentially bundling.

We ceaselessly keep up a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) design.

We are routinely examined by the State of Michigan Department of Agriculture as a nourishment processor.

Our co-fabricating operations agreeable with the OEFFA Organic Systems Plan (OSP) for Handlers, paying little heed to affirmation. We are evaluated by OEFFA yearly.

Your obligations:

Configuration names, seals, custom bundling, and so on for item bundling.


Source restrictive fixings and give nourishment certainties and fixings/sub-fixings.


Guarantee gathering of solicitations due.

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