Magdalena Keck Flexform GroundPiece Sofa Flexform GroundPiece Sofa in an inside planned by Magdalena Keck. Photograph through Meta Musings.

The Groundpiece was additionally planned in 2001 by Antonio Citterio. It is a particular couch with completely removable slipcovers, for an extensive variety of customization and spacial arrangement.

Flexform GroundPiece Sofa in an inside planned by LENSĀ°ASS architecten. Photograph through Vogue Living and Design Boom.

The uncommon elements that makes the GroundPiece Flexform’s most mainstream couch are the cowhide wrapped metal compartment racks, accessible to work as armrests, retires, and tables. In the inside beneath, outlined by Axis Mundi, the calfskin rack is appeared in the bleeding edge of the photograph, close by the sectional’s chaise divide.

flexform furniture GroundPiece Sofa in an inside composed by Axis Mundi. Photograph by means of Axis Mundi.

Since you’ve observed three of Flexform’s most celebrated couches, think you can get them out by name in various insides? In any case, let me know which one is your top choice, and why.

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