Kasauti Zindagi ki

Kasautii Zindagii Kay (2001-2008) was broadcast on Star Plus. It was the tale about Anurag and Prerna and the difficulties they needed to confront as a result of their adoration. Kasautii made Shweta Tiwari an easily recognized name. She gave Prerna soul and profundity. Indeed, I can’t envision any other individual as Prerna. Aside from Shweta, Kasautii likewise acquainted its group of onlookers with the gifted Urvashi Dholakia. Urvashi’s Komolika is maybe the best known character from Kasautii other than Prerna, obviously. With respect to Anurag, he was first played by the great looking Cezanne Khan. Later on after Cezanne quit the show, Anurag was played by the gifted Hiten Tejwani.

Kasautii began as a romantic tale between a rich kid and a poor young lady. Anurag was the beneficiary to the celebrated Basu fortune. The Basu family was an exceptionally well known media organization and Anurag was to acquire it from his dad. Prerna then again was from a white collar class family. It so happened that Prerna’s dad and Anurag’s dad were closest companions. They mastermind Prerna and Anurag to invest energy with one another. Exactly when things go as arranged, Komolika makes a passage. The closest companions are in horrendous auto collision, which results in Anurag’s dad being in a state of extreme lethargy and Prerna’s dad passing without end. Komolika utilizes the circumstance to support her and winds up wedding Anurag. What began as a romantic tale transforms into a vengeance story. Prerna discover that she is pregnant with Anurag’s child. Exactly when is going to let him know, she discover that he is wedding Komolika. She is devastated and torn. She settles on the choice to surrender her child to her sibling and his better half who can’t have youngsters. She later promises to wreck Anurag. She contends with him at all times triumphant. She later discovers that Anurag intentionally loses in light of the fact that he needs to see Prerna cheerful. When she faces him, he reveals to her that he was compelled to wed Komolika. She comprehends his problem and excuses him.

Anurag endeavors to push ahead with his life however can’t overlook Prerna. His heart has a place just with Prerna so regardless of how hard Komolika attempts to make a place for herself, she doesn’t succeed. Komolika weds Anurag simply because she has her eyes set on the Basu fortune. When influencing her place for herself in Anurag’s to hear does not work, she finds another approach to access the fortune. At the point when the family discovers Komolika’s actual expectations, they are stunned. Anurag divorces Komolika and figures out how to get her out of their lives. With Komolika’s exit, Anurag and Prerna are at long last ready to meet up and revive their relationship. Kasauti Zindagi Ki Anurag gets some answers concerning his child and weds Prerna. They are cheerful together until the point when disaster strikes. Komolika’s exit was not lasting. She comes back intensely. She assumes control over the Basu resources and leaves the family to battle for themselves. She is helped in her endeavors by Mr. Bajaj, a keen agent. At the point when Prerna gets some answers concerning Mr. Bajaj’s inclusion, she goes to him to request that he retreat. He reveals to her that he will pull out of one condition – she should wed him. Prerna is stunned however she chooses to wed Mr. Bajaj to spare Anurag and the family.

It is later uncovered that Mr. Bajaj needed to wed Prerna on the grounds that he needed her to be a decent impact on his youngsters. After his separation, his kids did not have a sustaining figure in their lives. Gradually, Prerna shapes a bond with the youngsters. Whenever Mr. Bajaj’s first spouse, Menaka, discovers his remarriage, she attempts to remove the youngsters. Be that as it may, by then they have officially shaped a bond with Prerna and remain with her. Anurag reveals to Prerna that she should push ahead with her life. He discloses to her that she ought to build up an association with her significant other. She concurs. In any case, by and by destiny has different plans, Prerna discovers that Mr. Bajaj has passed away in an auto crash. The bereaved Prerna chooses to satisfy every last bit of her late spouse’s obligations. She assumes control over his business and his family. She does her best to keep her family solid amid intense occasions. Mr. Bajaj’s kids discover the conditions behind his marriage to Prerna. They are stunned that he constrained her to wed him. They make arrangements to re-join Prerna with Anurag. Exactly when things are going as arranged, it is uncovered that Mr. Bajaj isn’t dead. He endure the mishap however went into a state of unconsciousness. Menaka concealed the news of him being in a trance like state to isolate him from Prerna. Prerna and Anurag get hitched by and by. While they wed, Mr. Bajaj recovers cognizance. He figures out how to uncover Menaka’s arrangement and she is speedily sent to imprison.

Obviously the entry of Mr. Bajaj puts a damper on Anurag and Prerna’s wedding designs. Mr. Bajaj’s children persuade him to let Prerna be with Anurag, the one she genuinely cherishes. He concurs yet he can’t overlook her. By and by Prerna and Anurag are as one. They are upbeat and treasure the time they have together. Exactly when things are returning to ordinary, Komolika returns. She attempts to make issues for Anurag and Prerna. Then again, Bajaj too makes errors among Prerna and Anurag. With so much miscommunication, a strain creates in Anurag and Prerna’s relationship. Anurag is fatigued of Bajaj while Prerna needs to handle Komolika. What at long last breaks their relationship is the abducting of their child, Prem. Anurag and the police look for Prem however without any result. At the point when the at last discover him, he is in an intense state. Anurag and Prerna are crushed when he passes on in the healing facility. It is later uncovered that the hijacking was arranged by Anurag’s cousin so he could access the family fortune. Anurag and Prerna battle to deal with the demise of Prem. They’re as of now stressed relationship achieves a limit and Prerna winds up going out.

After she goes out, Prerna discover that she is pregnant once more. At the point when Anurag get some answers concerning the uplifting news, he is elated. Be that as it may, Komolika harms his brain and he begins questioning Prerna. Prerna is stunned to see that Anurag does not confide in her any longer. She is harmed even more when she discover that Anurag supposes she might convey Bajaj’s tyke. This prompts them getting a separation. After the separation, Prerna begins living with the Bajaj family. They turn into her emotionally supportive network. In the interim, Aparna enters Anurag’s life. At first she becomes a close acquaintence with him. One thing prompts another and Anurag is by and by compelled to wed a lady he doesn’t love. At the point when Prerna gets some answers concerning Anurag’s marriage to Aparna, she is broken. Before long she brings forth her little girl and names her Sneha. After the introduction of Sneha, Anurag has questions her paternity and chooses to have a DNA test. Komolika gets some answers concerning this and switches the outcomes making it look like Prerna was unfaithful. Torn and severe, Anurag acknowledges that Prerna was his past and Aparna is his future. He declines to recognize Sneha as his little girl. This damages Prerna and she chooses to carry on with her life else where. She moves away with Sneha. Mr. Bajaj and his kids likewise join her.

Now the story takes a jump forward. After the jump, I feel like the story just turned out to be progressively confounded. How about we monitor how often individuals have hitched – Anurag weds Komolika, Anurag weds Prerna, Prerna Marries Bajaj, Bajaj was hitched to Menaka, Prerna weds Anurag once more, Komolika weds Subroto (Anurag’s cousin), Anurag weds Aparna, Prerna weds Bajaj once more, Anurag weds Sampada. So Anurag has been hitched a sum of multiple times while Prerna has been hitched a sum of multiple times. Aside from the relational unions and separations, there were a ton of youngsters drifting around. There was Prem, Anurag and Prerna’s adoration tyke. At that point came Sneha, Kasak and the second Prem. Kasautii had a go at following the KSBKBT equation of jumps and resulting ages assuming control however it didn’t exactly work and show arrived at an end. Notwithstanding every one of the turns and turns, the wedding and remarrying, old and new scalawags vanishing and re-developing, Kasautii was the most well known show of now is the ideal time. The lamentable romantic tale of Prerna and Anurag enraptured and captivated. The ambivalent story of interminable darlings who discovered association just in death caught the hearts of the group of onlookers. Kasautii was another plume in the top of Balaji Telefilms. Obviously, it added to Ekta Kapoor turning into the Queen of Indian Television.

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