Municipal court And Defensive Driving School

In the event that you wish to challenge a movement reference you have gotten, you should show up in the Jefferson County District Court, Birmingham Division, on the date and time appeared on your reference. This isn’t a trial date, however you will show up under the steady gaze of a Judge and can ask for that a trial be set at a later date. Alabama traffic school In many cases (recorded beneath), the need of a court appearance can be evaded by marking the back of the reference and sending it with a cash request or clerk’s check to:

Anne Marie Adams, Clerk

Area Criminal Court

207 Criminal Justice Center

801 North Richard Arrington, Jr. Blvd.

Birmingham, Alabama 35203

Guarded Driving School Option

On the off chance that you have gotten a movement reference recorded above with a bullet (*), your case might be qualified for rejection on the off chance that you effectively entire Defensive Driving School and pay court costs. You might be qualified if:

You are not accused of an ineligible offense;

You have not gotten a moving infringement in the previous three (3) years;

You have not been captured for DUI.

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