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Unique Features of Smart Boards

Technology is improving every day for the ease of humanity. Technology is constantly integrating into business settings and teaching practices. In today’s world where life is moving at a rapid paced, the smart boards are very handy technology. This technology works for the convenience of the students and business personnel providing them a chance to view things in a completely new way. Smart boards are cost effective devices, doing wonders for the users. They are the best collaborative tools used to display information on the big screen. This information can either e visual or textual.

Unique Features of Smart Board

SMART Technologies first created the smart board devices. These devices allow interactive display of the computer’s video output. A Smart board work with integration of an interactive whiteboard, a projector, a computer, and a Smart board software. Smart boards are either portable or mounted. Smart boards have touch screen display that allows users to operate it with their fingers.

Smart boards also come with a digital eraser and digital markers of green, black, blue, and red color. These are digital markers that do not require ink for writing. Markers and erasers are usually in the pen tray. When you take out the eraser or pens from the tray, its optical sensors will detect their absence. A touch of the pens or your fingers will appear in the form of the color of the pen that was removed from the tray.

There are two buttons below the pen tray. One of the buttons allow you to right click for functions like select all, copy, paste etc. the second button displays a traditional keyboard on the screen by touch. Computer and smart board work together. When you write something on the computer, it will appear on smart board. When you want to connect a smart board to your computer, you need to install the Smart Board Software first.

This software is famous as Smart Notebook and it is appropriate for both Mac and Windows operating systems. This software is much like PowerPoint. It includes all the basic tools for presentations and for making lesson plans like templates, manipulative and animations. Many other software programs are useful for specific contents when used with a smart board.

Uses of Smart Boards

Smart boards have the ability to allow many users to simultaneously interact and use the board, making it a tool for collaborative learning. It makes the flow of information steady. Schools all over the world are using smart board as a teaching tool. The use of smart boards in classrooms are beneficial for both the students and teachers. They are a creative instructional tool.

Smart boards are a great tool for creating interest and boosting motivation of the students. They are beneficial in many ways. They are an excellent quality instructional material that improves lectures by displaying attractive graphics and improved audio visuals. This latest technology allows developing a quality-learning atmosphere. The integration of smart board technology into the classroom enhances the student’s abilities to achieve their goals. This allows teachers to make fewer efforts and succeed in teaching well.

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